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  • 5x 1 gram gold CombiBar front
  • 5x 1 gram gold CombiBar back

5x 1 gram gold CombiBar

458,00 Per piece 91,60 Per gram

The price per gram is calculated by dividing the price per piece by the netto weight of the coin.

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The Valcambi 5 x 1 gram Combibar consists of five small gold bars of one gram each that can be easily broken apart.

Price per piece

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Selling price
€ 458,00
Price per gram
€ 91,60
5 gram
Certificate of authenticity


5x 1 gram gold Combibar of 99.99% pure gold

The Valcambi Combibar is very suitable for investors who want to invest in multiple small quantities of gold. The CombiBar is composed of 5 grams of pure gold which is divided into small gold bars, each of 1 gram of pure gold. 
CombiBars provide more flexibility because a low weight of gold can be sold, the whole bar does not have to be sold at once. Also, buying gold this way is cheaper than buying multiple smaller bars of 1 gram. The production costs of a CombiBar are lower than those of individual bars. This makes the difference between the gold price and the selling price, the spread, smaller and thus you get more gold for your money. 

Divisible like a chocolate bar

At the end of 2011, these CombiBars - similar to a chocolate bar - were introduced: these gold bars can be broken down into small pieces each of 1 gram of pure gold. The gold pieces can be easily broken off. No gold will be lost in the process. You can sell these bars of 1 gram individually if you wish. 

Gold bars in various shapes and sizes

Are you looking for other gold bars to buy or other weights of CombiBars? Our range consists of regular coins and bars of the highest quality. With this, we guarantee the best for you. 

Gold Bars from LBMA Good Delivery Refiner

The 5 x 1 gram gold Combibar is issued by Valcambi, a recognized gold and silver bar producer from Switzerland. Valcambi is mainly known for its combibars. Valcambi's gold bars are easily tradable worldwide.
The quality of the Valcambi Combibar is excellent. The gold bars come in sturdy packaging and can be easily broken into smaller units if taken out of the packaging. The combibar is highly tradable, not only due to the brand's global recognition but also because of the flexibility the gold combibar offers. By breaking the combibar into different denominations, you have more flexibility compared to purchasing a single 5-gram gold bar.


  • Lower production costs than individual 1-gram gold bars
  • Possible to sell/trade the gold bars individually 
  • Delivered with a certificate of authenticity

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Valcambi is a Swiss producer of gold and silver bars. The producer is best known for its combibars, gold bars available in various formats such as 20x 1 gram and 10x 1 gram, where the small bars can be broken off like chocolate pieces. This makes it easy to trade gold in pieces of 1 gram of pure gold.

All gold bars are stamped with the producer's logo, the weight, and an indication of the purity of 99.9% pure gold. Naturally, Valcambi is also a recognized producer with Good Delivery Status. As a result, Valcambi's gold bars are widely tradable and accepted worldwide.