30 gram silver coin Panda 2023

30 gram silver coin Panda 2023

This silver 2023 Panda coin weighing 30 grams is struck in 99.9% pure silver and is issued by China Gold Coin Corporation. This special collectible coin is very popular with investors and collectors alike due to its unusual weight and ever-changing design.

30 gram silver coin Panda 2023

30 gram silver coin Panda 2023

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The 30-gram silver Panda 2023 coin is the only silver coin from the Panda 2023 series by Chinese mint China Gold Coin Corporation. This mint is part of People's Bank of China and has been issuing coins on behalf of the Chinese government for over 40 years. The coin - struck in 99.9% pure silver - is very popular amongst investors and collectors alike.

As with the gold panda coins, the design of the silver coin also changes every year. The design with always one or more giant pandas on the front of the coin is identical to the design of the gold variant. Giant pandas are strongly associated with China, for instance, in eastern cultures the panda symbolises peace and harmonious resolution of conflicts. In addition, this endangered species lives mainly in China.



  • Extraordinary silver coin weighing 30 grams
  • Minted in 99.9% pure silver
  • Only silver coin in the Panda 2023 series
  • Issued by China Gold Coin Corporation

Design silver Panda 2023

Design silver Panda 2023

The obverse of this year's 30-gram silver coin Panda 2023 features two adorable giant pandas in a tree. The two pandas are displayed in a tree among leaves. The pandas appear to be climbing towards each other.  The face value, weight in grams and silver content of the coin are also shown on this side.

Design silver Panda 2023

The reverse side of the silver panda coins has shown the same design for years, namely a beautiful image of the Temple of Heaven. This famous Beijing temple is an important prayer hall for the Chinese. Around the effigy, the name of China in Chinese characters and the year of issue are also shown.


Brilliant Uncirculated
30 gram
Year of issue
Issuing country
China Gold Coin Corporation

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