Silver price

The current silver price rate fluctuates five days a week and depends on the worldwide transactions related to silver. The silver price is influenced by sellers and buyers of silver on the global market. Sellers ‘offer’ the selling price and buyers ‘bid’ the bid price. The difference between these prices is called the middle rate. The average of all middle rates together forms the final rate.

You can set the chart below according to your own wishes. You can choose the price per kilo or per Troy ounce in the far left column. Subsequently, you can view the silver, gold and platinum rate. You can also opt for the gold/silver ratio. And optionally, you can select a period, varying from one week to five years ago.

Current silver price

Silver has many industrial applications, but is mainly used in the electronic industry. Silver is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Another specific feature of silver is that it reflects light. Therefore, silver is often incorporated into mirrors. In addition, silver can be found in consumer goods such as jewelry, cutlery, coins, and smartphones.

The silver price is, just like the gold price, influenced by various circumstances. Not only supply and demand are important factors. Also, the dollar rate, geopolitical influences, the world economy and deflation are determining factors in the price level of silver.

Advantages over gold

One advantage of silver over gold is the purchase price. The silver price is significantly lower than the gold price and is, therefore, more accessible for private individuals who want to invest in smaller proportions. These private individuals choose to invest in precious metal, because they usually want to secure their capital. Silver can be up to 72 times cheaper than gold, which has occurred more than once in the past. As previously described, silver is largely used in modern appliances. The demand for smartphones and solar panels is increasing worldwide, which also causes an increase in the silver demand and price. Investing in silver can thus be very attractive.

Silver price at The Silver Mountain

You can view the silver price for each silver product in The Silver Mountain webshop. The prices are automatically adjusted in accordance with the latest rates. The rates fluctuate five days a week, because stocks are only traded on weekdays. Most transactions take place at the London Bullion Market Association and Comex in New York.

Do you wonder which type of silver is most interesting for you to buy? Our knowledge center will help you to make your choice! You can view the purchase and selling price of many popular products from the webshop. In addition, you will also get an insight into the spread: the difference between the purchase and selling price. Products with a low spread are generally considered to be interesting because they are most popular.

You can buy silver in different variations from The Silver Mountain webshop. Silver investment coins and silver bars are most popular. Do you need more information regarding the purchase of silver or other precious metals? You can reach us by telephone at +31 (0)35 20 31 380 or by email at We’ll be happy to respond to your queries.

Disclaimer:This article is not meant as professional investment advice or a recommendation to do certain investments.

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