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Buyback guarantee

The Silver Mountain offers a buy back guarantee on all gold and silver bars and coins we sell. We can also buy your gold and silver if bought elsewhere, as long as you offer bars from LBMA approved refineries (“Good Delivery”) of coins from official mints.

Our buying rates are among the highest rates in Europe and we offer a prices based upon the current gold- and silver price with a formula that is always guaranteed, despite any market changes.

If you sell your gold or silver to us we will send you the payment within 48 hours after receipt. Payment can be made by (international) bank transfer or in cash.

Buy back guarantee

We offer a buy back guarantee on all gold and silver bars and coins we offer. This means we will always buy your precious metals – despite any market situation or the current gold price or silver price.

Product categoryBuy back rates
Gold bars 98% of goldprice
Silver bars 98% of silverprice
Gold coins 100% of goldprice
Silver coins 107% of silverprice

Our buy back rates for gold- and silver coins are based upon the purchase of 1 ounce coins including the Krugerrand, Maple Leaf, Eagle, Philharmonic and many others. These rates do not apply for less easily traded products including backdated gold, sovereign coins or silver coins with a lower purity than 99.9%.

Current buy back prices

All our prices are based upon the current gold price and silver prices. Our prices are updated each 3 minutes to guarantee the most up to date price possible.

Product description You buy You sell Category
  100 Grams 99,99 gold bar Umicore € 5.730,00 € 5.477,90 Goldbars
  1 Troy ounce gold bar Umicore € 1.806,00 € 1.703,63 Goldbars
  1 troy ounce gold Krugerrand coin € 1.834,00 € 1.738,39 Gold coins
  1 Kilo silver bar Umicore € 841,50 € 591,01 Silverbars
  1 troy ounce silver coin Maple Leaf € 25,10 € 21,28 Silver coins

Inkoop Edelmetaal

If you want to sell to us, please contact us by email and send a list of the products you want to sell. We will send you a quotation with further instructions.

Please include the following information:

- Name and address

- Contact information

- Bank account number

- List of products with quantities specified


You can also visit our website Inkoop Edelmetaal (available in Dutch language only) to find the complete list of gold and silver coins and bars we can buy from you with current prices included.


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