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Gold Ducat Golden Coin

262,00 Per piece 77,06 Per gram

The price per gram is calculated by dividing the price per piece by the weight of the coin.

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Gold Ducat coin with 3,43 gram fine gold. We offer gold Ducat coins from various years. The golden ducat has a total weigh... Gold Ducat coin with 3,43 gram fine gold. We offer gold Ducat coins from various years. The golden ducat has a total weight of 3,494 gram.
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Selling price
€ 262,00
Price per gram
€ 77,06
Net weight
3,43 gram
3,46 gram
Year of issue
Koninklijke Ned. Munt


Buy the Gold Ducat

The Royal Dutch Mint annually issues Golden Ducats. This particular proof-quality gold coin is minted in 98.3% pure gold, weighs 3.494 grams and has a diameter of 21 mm.
The Golden Ducat has remained unchanged for nearly 400 years, with the exception of minor changes in details. For example, minor changes have been made to the knight's equipment over time, and the decorations on the reverse have also been somewhat subject to "fashion" over the centuries. 

Design Golden Ducat

Gold Ducat Golden Coin front


The front of the Golden Ducat depicts a knight. This knight with distinctive buttons has a sword and bundle of arrows in his hands. Along the edge is the motto: "Concordia Res Parvae Crescunt." This is Latin for "Unity makes small things great. The year of issue is also clearly shown in two parts. The front is finished with a border of dots. 

Gold Ducat Golden Coin back


The back of the Golden Ducat always has the Latin text in the middle: "Mo. Aur. Reg. Belgii Ad Legem Imperii.", translated: Golden coin of the Kingdom of the Netherlands according to the law of the Empire. Around this text are beautiful (leaf) decorations with an acanthus motif and shells. 

History of the Golden Ducat

Since August 4, 1586, the Golden Dukaat has been in the Dutch Mint Act in the capacity of a commercial currency. The Golden Dukaat originated in the Republic of Venice and was later minted in the Netherlands. The Golden Dukaat has always been a strong currency; for centuries these coins were an important means of payment in international trade. They had a good reputation for their reliable weight and content.
They were readily accepted in Scandinavia, Poland and Russia, and the Gouden Dukaat was also frequently used in trade with Asia. As a result, the Dutch Golden Ducat grew to become one of the most important trade coins in the world. The Royal Dutch Mint annually mints Double and Single Golden Ducats by order of the Ministry of Finance to keep the memory of the Netherlands' rich trading past alive.
The Gouden Dukaat is not legal tender but is a popular investment and collector coin. This is because the coins are assured of their content and weight. Also, the circulation of each year varies, making years with low circulation very popular with collectors.


  • Dutch Trade coin with a rich history
  • Struck in 3.494 grams of gold (98.3%)
  • Yearly changing circulation
The images are indicative only. We supply Gold Ducats from various years. 

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