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Gold 1/2 Sovereign coin

317,00 Per piece 79,25 Per gram

The price per gram is calculated by dividing the price per piece by the netto weight of the coin.

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Gold 1/2 Sovereign coins from the United Kingdom. Struck by the British Royal Mint, contains 3,66 grams of fine gold. Thes... Gold 1/2 Sovereign coins from the United Kingdom. Struck by the British Royal Mint, contains 3,66 grams of fine gold. These gold coins are a perfect alternative for gold Ten Guilders and other gold coins with a low weight. The 1/2 Sovereign coins (half Enlish Pound) is known worldwide.
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The Royal Mint
Selling price
€ 317,00
Price per gram
€ 79,25
Net weight
4 gram
4,36 gram
Year of issue
Royal Mint


1/2 Sovereign coins from the United Kingdom

These gold 1/2 Sovereign coins weigh 3.99 grams and contain 91.67% gold (22 carats). The weight of fine gold per coin thus comes to 3.66 grams. Worldwide, the Sovereign is one of the most well-known and common gold coins.
These coins have been in circulation since 1817, with various images being displayed on the coin over the past centuries. However, the specifications of the coins have remained the same despite the changes in design. The coin is popularly known as an ‘English Half Pound’.


  • Small gold coin weighing 4 grams
  • Issued by The Royal Mint
  • Minted in 22 carat gold (91.67%)

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The Royal Mint

Royal Mint

The Royal Mint is the official mint of the United Kingdom and boasts a rich history spanning over 1,100 years. Throughout these centuries, the mint has served the United Kingdom during times of war, political upheaval, and social and economic progress. The Royal Mint is renowned for its innovation and is considered a true leader in the world of coinage.

Given the significant role the Royal Mint has played, there is a Royal Mint Museum located within the mint itself in Llantrisant, South Wales. The museum showcases the fascinating history of the Royal Mint and many of the coins it has produced, including experimental coins, artworks, and tools. The quality of the Royal Mint's coins is exceptional, thanks to the innovative production techniques and technologies employed in their minting process.