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25x 1 gram gold bar Pamp Suisse

2.035,00 Per piece 81,40 Per gram

The price per gram is calculated by dividing the price per piece by the netto weight of the coin.

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This gold bar consists of 25 small gold bars each of 1 gram of pure gold (99.99%). The gold bars are minted by Pamp Suisse... This gold bar consists of 25 small gold bars each of 1 gram of pure gold (99.99%). The gold bars are minted by Pamp Suisse and can be easily separated and sold.
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Pamp Suise
Selling price
€ 2.035,00
Price per gram
€ 81,40
Certificate of authenticity
Brilliantly Uncirculated
Pamp Suisse


Pamp Suisse gold bar of 25 x 1 gram

The 25 x 1 gram PAMP Suisse gold bar set represents a unique approach to investing in precious metals. Unlike traditional gold bars, this set offers the opportunity to physically own gold in smaller units, bringing flexibility and diversification. This special edition from Pamp Suisse consists of 25 small gold bars each of 1 gram of pure gold (99.99% pure gold). These gold bars can be easily separated, enabling them to be sold individually or used as a medium of exchange.
Each of the individual 25 gold bars is individually numbered and features all PAMP Suisse's authenticity hallmarks, including the impressive image of Lady Fortuna. This combination of gold bars not only makes it easier to invest in gold with a limited budget, but also to sell parts of the set individually in the future, thereby increasing its tradability.

Design of the 25 x 1 gram gold bar

The obverse of each individual bar depicts LADY FORTUNA, the Roman goddess of luck and fortune, bordered by her symbols - poppies, sheaves of wheat, the horn of plenty, precious coins and the wheel of fortune. Her blindfolded image represents unpredictable fate.
On the reverse, each gold bar is marked with the authentic PAMP logo, the birthplace of the gold (SUISSE - Switzerland), its specific weight of 1 g, and its undeniable purity (99.99% - 999.9), embodied by the term FINE GOLD. Finally, each gold bar is validated by the inscription ESSAYEUR FONDEUR, a guarantee of the bar's purity and authenticity. The unique certificate number, at the bottom of each bar, corresponds to the number on the packaging, which also displays the purity of the gold, the weight of the bar and the official signature of a certified assay master.


  • Gold bar consisting of 25 small gold bars of 1 gram of pure gold
  • Every 1 gram gold bar comes with its own certificate of authenticity
  • Attractive buyback guarantee based on the current gold price

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Pamp Suise

Pamp Suisse

Pamp Suisse is a recognized producer of gold, silver, and platinum bars and holds Good Delivery Status. What sets Pamp Suisse bars apart is the design featuring Lady Fortuna. Both the bar itself and the packaging display the beautiful image of Lady Fortuna, the Roman goddess of fortune (luck).

Lady Fortuna is depicted with a cornucopia, the so-called horn of plenty, symbolizing the positive effects of fortune, or good luck. She is portrayed blindfolded, indicating that she has no influence over the degree of fortune.