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Silver Eagle munt gekleurd


1 troy ounce American Silver Eagle

Per stuk: € 19,95

Beknopte omschrijving

American Silver Eagle coins are struck in the United States of America. These coins are minted in 1 ounce (31,103 grams) fine silver. Silver Eagles are well known worldwide and adored for their design. The Silver Eagle is very popular despite their high premium in comparison to other 1 oz silver coins.


Product details

American Silver Eagle

American Silver Eagle coins are well known silver bullion coins and legal tender. The American Silver Eagle is minted by the United States Mint since 1986. Each Silver Eagle coin contains 1 troy ounce (31,103 grams) fine silver .999. The coins come in tubes, containing 20 coins per tube.

The design of the Silver Eagle is after the "Walking Liberty" designed by Adoph A. Weinman. On the reverse of the coin a heraldic eagle is portrayed, after the design from John Mercanti. American Silver Eagle coins are considered to be the most beautiful silver bullion coin worldwide.

Face value: $1.00
Weight: 31,103 gram
Diameter: 40,6 mm
Material: silver
Purity: 99,9%
Year of issue: 2011



Silver Eagle coins

The US Mint produces Silver Eagle coins since 1986. Silver Eagles are exclusively struck in one troy ounce (31,103 grams) and they coins are legal tender. Silver Eagle coins are official silver bullion coins, issued by the United States of America. Silver Eagles are very popular among investors and collectors of silver coins, due to their history and design.

On the obverse of the coin a portrait of a silver eagle is shown, one of the state symbols of the United States of America. The face value and weight is also mentioned on the obverse: 1 oz. fine silver - 1 dollar. On the reverse of the Silver Eagle the design from the Walking Liberty is used.

All coins are fresh from the mint, unless stated otherwise. We offer Silver Eagle coins in tubes containing 20 pieces each. 500 silver eagle coins are packed in a so called Monster Box, as you can see on the picture. We include this box at all orders for 500 coins and above and in some cases when you order a smaller quantity you might also receive a box if we have the box in stock. The tubes and boxes are airtight, therefore preventing the silver coins from scratches and moisture.

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