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Various coins of 1 troy ounce of gold
Autor: Rolf van Zanten Date: 15 May 2024

Various coins of 1 troy ounce of gold

Worldwide, the size of 1 troy ounce is the most widely used size in the gold market. 1 troy ounce is a designation of weight and this corresponds to 31.103 grams. There are several types of gold troy ounce coins known worldwide, and many different countries mint gold troy ounce coins through their official mints that are traded specifically for their gold value. The most well-known coins are the Maple Leaf and the Krugerrand.
Price differences can occur between troy ounce coins based on market conditions. For example, not every mint charges the same premium (difference between gold price and the price of the coin) making some coins more expensive than others. Also, our offer consists of coins from the current vintage as well as those from previous vintages. Coins from previous vintages are purchased by us from individuals and therefore cheaper to buy. We call these pre-owned gold coins. The value of these coins is identical to the new coins, but the coins are cheaper to purchase. In our offer of gold coins, pre-owned coins are shown first because they are the most interesting type of gold troy ounce coins for private investors and savers.