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Gold coins in various sizes
Autor: Rolf van Zanten Date: 24 May 2024

Gold coins in various sizes

Gold coins are available in various weights and denominations. The most common gold investment coins are issued in 1 troy ounce of pure gold. Of many coin series, a new coin is issued every year. However, newly minted gold coins are always more expensive to purchase than pre-owned gold coins. This is because newly minted coins must be minted by the mint house, which incurs production costs. There are also costs for insured transport from abroad to the Netherlands. Pre-owned coins are always cheaper because these coins are purchased from private individuals. Often these are private individuals in the Netherlands. These coins contain the same weight and content, so the gold value is identical and only the year differs. If pre-owned coins are available, these gold coins will always be the best choice; both in terms of price per gram and the difference between buying and selling price.
Depending on the budget, smaller gold coins can also be considered. There is also a choice between newly minted coins and coins that have already been in circulation. Gold coins that were previously used as legal tender are then often a favorable choice. In the Netherlands, the gold tenner is very popular for this reason and this coin contains just over 6 grams of pure gold, making it also an easy coin to trade.
Worldwide, the Maple Leaf and the Krugerrand are the most well-known series of gold coins. Other coins are also popular, such as the Britannia, Philharmoniker and Kangaroo. It is especially important here that the coins come from an official mint and have legal tender status. All gold coins minted in at least 99.9% pure gold are thereby traded as investment gold. This is important because investment gold is not subject to VAT on purchase and sale.