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Gold bar from Umicore or from C.Hafner?
Autor: Rolf van Zanten Date: 24 May 2024

Gold bar from Umicore or from C.Hafner?

At The Silver Mountain, we offer gold bars from approved producers. All of these producers have Good Delivery Status. This means that the smelters meet the criteria of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). As a result, gold bars from these producers can be traded worldwide easily and without analysis.
In the Netherlands, Umicore is one of the most common producers of gold bars. We supply Umicore bars since 2009 and our offer consists of newly cast gold bars including certificate of authenticity.
In addition to Umicore bars, we also offer bars from C. Hafner. Often these gold bars are slightly cheaper, while the weight and content are identical. In addition, C. Hafner is also a recognized producer who, like Umicore, has Good Delivery status.
When choosing between different smelters, we recommend looking at pricing and availability (delivery time). Since the gold value is identical, there are no other important issues to consider. Depending on market conditions, one smelter may be more favorable than another.