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Color differences in gold coins
Autor: Rolf van Zanten Date: 20 May 2024

Color differences in gold coins

The 1 troy ounce gold coins today are almost always minted in pure gold. These include the gold Maple Leaf, Kangaroo, Britannia, Philharmoniker and the Buffalo. Some other common gold coins are the Krugerrand and the Golden Eagle. These coins are struck in lower grade gold and for that reason the coins look different. This is as follows: each gold coin contains exactly 1 troy ounce of pure gold. To give the coin some extra strength, some coins, such as the Krugerrand and Eagle, are struck in a higher weight with a lower content. These coins weigh about 34 grams and are issued in a gold content of 22 carats (91.6%). The weight of fine gold then corresponds exactly to 1 troy ounce of pure gold and for that reason these coins are as valuable as the other troy ounce gold coins.
The coins that have a red glow have a little copper in them. The copper makes the coin more solid. This is a method that was used more often in the past on coins that were in circulation as currency.
Gold itself is a very soft and fragile type of metal. The gold coins that do have been minted in at least 99.9% pure gold, such as the Maple Leaf, are for that reason slightly more susceptible to scratches or dents or other minor damage.
With these types of coins, however, this is not considered in practice. This is because it is specifically about the value of the gold: they are gold investment coins. The condition of the coin is then irrelevant. For all gold troy ounce investment coins you benefit from our buy-back guarantee, which makes it easy to sell the gold back in the future, regardless of the condition of the coin.