Frequently asked questions

Our customer service is available on weekdays between 09:00 and 17:00.

We guarantee the authenticity of all the products we deliver. We also offer a buy back guarantee, which means we can always re-purchase your gold and silver at any moment you wish to sell.

It is also possible to verify the authenticity of gold and silver bullion and to do so we have put together a list of methods to check if you received real gold or silver.

  1. Determination of density

    With all products we sell, the product description shows you the specifications including their weight, diameter and sizes. Since both gold and silver are very expensive, and mints and refineries follow strict procedures, you can be assured that these specifications will always be accurate. For example, the 1 oz gold Maple Leaf or a 1 oz gold bar should always weight at least 31.103 grams (1 troy ounce) and maybe a little bit more on average. When you have a gold bar that should contain 1 troy ounce and the weight is less than 31.103 grams or maybe more than 31.5 grams for example – you know something is off.

    To verify the weight you should use an accurate scale with at least 2 decimals.

    After you checked the weight you could also check the sizes to measure if this is in accordance to the specifications of the product.

  2. Certificate of Authenticity

    A lot of refineries understand that private investors who buy bullion wants to receive a certificate of authenticity with their purchase. Most common 1 oz gold bars are sealed in the official packaging from the refinery that also functions as certificate of authenticity with the weight, purity and serial number specified at the packaging. A signature to confirm the authenticity is also included.

    The gold bars we offer from Umicore are available in two versions; one “regular” gold bar that is sealed and a new version with a certificate included in a hard acryl holder.

  3. New security by new Maple Leaf coins from the Royal Canadian Mint

    Newly minted Gold Maple Leaf coins from the Royal Canadian Mint feature the newest form of security through the DNA Program from the Royal Canadian Mint. Each bullion coin features a micro-engraved security privy mark with the logo of the Royal Canadian Mint and the year of date (17 for 2017, 18 for 2018 etc.). The Mint uses an advanced laser technology for these privy marks, which makes it very difficult to make a convincing replicate or fake maple leaf coin. Each coin has a unique bullion DNA and is registered in the system of the Royal Canadian Mint. A Bullion DNA reader is required to scan the privy mark and verify a match with to the Royal Canadian Mint’s secure database.

We would also like to point out that it isn’t very easy to make a counterfeit coin. There are a lot of expenses required. First of all you need material, machinery and equipment but you also need a lot of time to make a convincing counterfeit. The design of the coins should be on point.

ilver is currently traded at $28 per ounce, meaning that it will be very difficult to be able to create counterfeit coin and make a profit. With gold, at $58.00 a kilo, it is going to be much more worth wile. You can keep that in mind and purchase smaller or cheaper items that are not going to be worthwhile for counterfeits.

Verify your purchase at Waarborg Holland

We also offer a service to send your items to Waarborg Holland, the company in The Netherlands where all produced jewellery used to be marked and tested. Waarborg Holland used to be a public company. Jewellery stores where required by law to arrange marking and testing of their jewellery by the Waarborg Holland. If a piece of jewellery has been marked by the Waarborg Holland, you can be rest assured about the authenticity. With their expertise, they are also able to do various tests on all gold and silver bullion. We can send your items to the Waarborg to receive a testing report with their conclusion about the metal, purity and weight.

Buy 500 silver coins and get 1 for free for testing

If you want to do some tests regarding silver coins yourself, you can request a free additional 1 oz coin if you place an order of at least 500 coins. This can be arranged with the silver Maple Leaf, Philharmonic, Kangaroo or Eagle coins. You receive 1 additional coin and you can choose 1 of your 501 coins for extensive testing in any way you want.

All prices listed at our website are up to date. We automatically update all our prices each 5 minutes with a live-feed based upon the current gold price and silver price. If VAT is applicable, the price we list includes VAT.

When you order bullion from us, the price you is charged and additional costs are calculated during the checkout process. Minimum order amount: EUR 500

No, The Silver Mountain does not offer any storage options at this moment. If you place your order, you can select any shipping address you would like so if you have an account at a storage facility or at a bank where you want us to delivery your order, that would be possible. Please contact us to make arrangements.

Yes, that is possible. You need to fill out a mandate and send us a copy of your ID and of the person that will collect your order. With the mandate you authorize the third person to collect your order and he/she will have to sign to confirm the receipt of your order.

If you buy gold or silver, you can choose between bars and coins. With gold it is mostly a matter of personal preferences and both options have different benefits. If you buy silver we strongly recommend to purchase silver coins instead of bars. Silver bars are charged with 21% VAT, making it rather expensive and you cannot redeem the VAT. For more information, please visit our page Precious Metals Guide.

The Silver Mountain was founded in 2008 and has become the largest bullion dealer in The Netherlands. Our mission is to make investing in physical gold and silver a safe, transparent and easy process. Our customers rate our service with an average of 9.2/10 based on 900+ reviews at Trustpilot.

We also offer a Buyers Protection by Trusted Shops so you are able to insure your purchase up to EUR 20.000,- to make sure you do not have any risks when ordering from us.

We ship all our packages in discrete parcels, fully insured, by specialized couriers including , FedEx and DPD.

All prices are final at the moment you place your order. When you order from us, you agree to a binding purchase of your gold and silver bullion and we lock the prices immediately based on the market price at that moment. If the prices fall after you place your order we will not make an additional profit because we buy directly when you buy from us. We will also not charge you more if the prices start to raise.

Please note that buying gold and silver is binding and you are not able to cancel your order like you might would with customer purchases at online web shops.

You can specify a date of delivery and we will try to make sure the courier will arrive at that date. With the courier (deliveries within The Netherlands and Belgium) we can guarantee a delivery at the day you request – with FedEx and DPD it isn’t always possible to do so, but if you are not at home at the 1st attempt, they will make a 2nd attempt or notify you and request you to contact them for new arrangements.

The courier will leave a note with a request to contact them and to make a new appointment. It is not allowed for the courier to deliver the parcel elsewhere or deliver the parcel without a signature for receipt.