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The Silver Mountain is the largest bullion dealer from The Netherlands. We specialize in gold and silver coins and bars and we focus on offering precious metals to private customers based in Europe. Our customers are investing in precious metals to protect their purchasing power. With the currently low interest rates, gold or silver is a good alternative to a savings account at your bank. We offer physical gold and silver at a low premium and we offer safe, discrete shipments.

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Contact us by phone:035 20 313 80

Available on working days from 09:00 to 17:00

What do we offer

We offer a variety of gold and silver bars and coins, as well as platinum coins. We include newly minted coins from the current year of date as well as gold bars from Umicore or other “Good Delivery” manufacturers. At our webshop you can place your order at the current gold- and silver prices and arrange a fully insured shipment to your home address.

If you don't have any experiences buying gold and silver, feel free to contact us and request more information. We are happy to help and inform you about the various options. All gold is free of VAT, so if you purchase gold you can either buy coins or bars at pretty similar prices. Most customers buy gold coins if the required size doesn't exceed 1 troy ounce (31,103 grams). If you want to invest a larger amount in gold we would recommend to buy gold bars of 50 grams, 100 grams or more. The gold bars are cheaper to produce, therefore you can buy more gold at the same price. If you buy silver as a private customer we strongly advise to purchase coins instead of bars. Silver bars are considered to be an industrial good and therefore charged with 21% VAT, making it a very expensive option. Silver coins will always be cheaper and are easier to trade.

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Order process

You can place your order online at our website. All prices are updated each 3 minutes and based on the actual gold- and silverprice. Purchasing by e-mail or phone is also possible. Contact us at +31(0)35 20 313 80.

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Payment options

Please send your payment within 2 or 3 business days. Payment options include (international) bank transfer, iDEAL (for Dutch customers) or payment at pick up in cash or by debit card.

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Shipping options

All shipments are fully insured. We can ship your order by FedEx, DPD or Mikropakket. Mikroppaket is only available for deliveries within the Netherlands and Belgium. In all cases we ship your order in a discrete package.

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Buy back guarantee

If you want to sell your gold and silver to The Silver Mountain, we are happy to inform you that we offer a buy back guarantee. We are able to purchase your gold and silver at the best price in the Netherlands and we pay up to 100% of the current gold price for your gold  coins. Please for our current prices.

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