Buy gold and silver with a 100% buyers protection

The Silver Mountain is the first shop in The Netherlands where you can purchase gold and silver and have a 100% buyers protection. You can choose to fully insure your order amount through Trusted Shops to avoid any risks in case of a non-delivery or any other issue that might occur. If there is a case of a non-delivery or a conflict, you can approach Trusted Shops and they will refund your full purchase amount.

The Silver Mountain is a reputable dealer based in The Netherlands. We have been in business since 2008 and we have collected hundreds of positive reviews from our customers, mainly based in The Netherlands or Belgium. If you want to purchase from us and you are a first time customer, or if you order from a different country in Europe, we encourage you to insure your purchase amount to be 100% covered through the Trusted Shops program.

Buyers protection is available to all our customers based in Europe for all purchases up to EUR 20.000. When you order at our website you can select the value you wish to ensure and the insurance costs will be added to your purchase amount.

What does the Trusted Shops buyers protection stand for?

  • TrustedShops confirms The Silver Mountain is a certified shop, that meets their quality critera and respects and guarantees the rights of private customers;
  • A money-back guarantee for a period of 30 days;
  • Available for amounts up to EUR 20.000 for any destination within Europe

When do I have to choose for buyers protection?

The Trusted Shops buyers protection is optional and this is not required for any purchase. We want to offer this service for customers who are either first-time buyers or who invest a high amount in gold and silver and don’t want to take any risks (especially in case of long delivery times). If you choose to pick up your order in person at our office in Baarn, you can pay when you receive your order. You can either pay by debit card (PIN) or in cash. In those cases a buyers protection won’t be necessary because you will pay at the same time you receive your order. In cases where you have to pay up front and you have to wait for a period of time to receive your order, you might want to ensure your order amount.

Costs for buyers protection

To ensure your order amount Tursted Shops charges you a certain amount of the purchase amount. You can select the requested value to be ensured. Please note the maximum insurance is based on the full purchase amount.

Purchase amount Insurance fee
Up to EUR 500,00 EUR 0,98
Up to EUR 1.500,00 EUR 2,94
Up to EUR 2.500,00 EUR 4,90
Up to EUR 5.000,00 EUR 9,81
Up to EUR 10.000,00 EUR 19,60
Up to EUR 20.000,00 EUR 39,20

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