VAT free silver

VAT free silver

VAT free silver bars, stored at a bounded warehouse

Buy silver bars and save 21% VAT on your investment. You can buy silver bars and silver coins at The Silver Mountain, to be stored at a bounded warehouse. We offer VAT free silver bars at a low premium.

If you choose to store silver bars at a bounded warehouse, we can offer storage at three different partners in The Netherlands Our partners offer vaults for storage of gold and silver. The Silver Mountain can offer you product(s) to store at our partners.

When you wish to sell your silver or gold stored at our partners we offer you a buy back guarantee of all available products. We offer a buy back guarantee of 95% of the silver value for all stored silver bars as well as 109% of the price of silver Maple Leaf coins.

More information about purchasing VAT free silver? Please call us at +31 (0)35 20 31 380.

Why VAT free silver?

  • You save 21% on your purchase amount;
  • Fully insured and safe storage;
  • Buy back guarantee;
  • Physical delivery optional;
  • Low premiums