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You can buy palladium bars from The Silver Mountain. We only sell palladium ingots with a purity of 99.95% pure palladium from recognized manufacturers. Palladium bars are considered a commodity and therefore subject to 21% VAT.

Most rare commodity on earth

Palladium is a lesser-known precious metal compared to silver, gold and platinum and is the rarest commodity on earth. Palladium production occurs in South Africa, Russia, the United States and Canada.

Palladium is white silver in colour and has the lowest melting point of all precious metals. Due to palladium's unique properties, such as good heat resistance and slow corrosion, this precious metal is used in automotive catalytic converters. As a result, demand for palladium is still very high, while supply is scarce.

Internationally, the price of palladium is expressed in 1 troy ounce, which is 31.103 grams.

Palladium bars are taxed with 21% VAT

Palladium bars are legally considered a commodity (and not an investment) and therefore subject to 21% VAT. For private individuals, palladium bars are therefore less suitable and palladium coins are a better choice, as you do not pay VAT on these coins.

If you want to buy palladium for business purposes, choosing the 1 troy ounce palladium bar is a good choice. You can usually reclaim the VAT from the tax authorities. The palladium then becomes part of your business assets or reserves and you thus convert part of your assets into physical palladium.

Sell your palladium bars

At The Silver Mountain, we offer a unique buy-back guarantee on the palladium you buy from us. We will buy your palladium bars back from you at any time. You can find our current bid prices on Inkoop Edelmetaal.

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