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Golden Ducats

These special Dutch coins are struck annualy in a limted edition by the Royal Dutch Mint. The beautiful gold coins are issued to commemorate the rich Dutch Trade history and have been popular among collectors for years.

Buy Golden Ducats 2024

The sale period of the Golden Ducats 2024 has started and until May 31, 2024, these gold coins will be available at The Silver Mountain. In June 2024, the circulation will be determined based on the number of Golden Dukates sold. In September 2024, the coins will be minted and delivered by the Royal Dutch Mint.

History of the Golden Ducats

Since Aug. 4 1586, the Golden Ducats have been in the Dutch Mint Act in the capacity of a trade coin. The Golden Ducat is originated in the Republic of Venice and was later minted in the Netherlands. The Golden Ducat has always been a strong currency; for centuries these coins were important means in payment in international trade. They has a good reputation for their reliable weight and content.

They were readily accepted in Scandinavia, Poland and Russia, and the Golden Ducat was also frequently used in trade with Asia. As a result, the Dutch Golden Ducat grew to become one of the most important trade coins in the world. The Royal Dutch Mint annually mints Double and Single Golden Ducats by order of the Dutch Ministry of Finance to keep the memory of the Netherlands’ rich trading past alive.

Series 'The Dutch Trade History'

The Golden Ducat has remained unchanged for nearly 400 years, with the exception of minor changes in details. For example, minor changes have been made to the knight’s equipment over time, and the decorations on the reverse have also been subject to some ‘fashion’ over the centuries.

In 2022, the Royal Dutch Mint started a new series “The Dutch Trade History” within the Golden Ducats series. From 2022 to 2025, a different trade good will be shown on the reverse of the coin each year. This year that is a bundle of cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon was one of the spices the VOC had set its sights on, because the production of cinnamon took place in only one area and cinnamon was also very popular in different countries. After driving the Portuguese out of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), the VOC controlled the cinnamon trade for many years.

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