Gouden combibar

Gouden combibar

Combibars are gold bars in small denominations that are produced in a smart, cheap way. At the end of 2011, this concept was introduced whereby the shape of a chocolate bar can best be compared with these gold bars: the gold bar can be broken down into small pieces of 1 gram of pure gold each. Where a regular gold bar of 1 gram is very expensive, the combibar is an excellent and considerably cheaper alternative. These combi bars are available in 20x 1 gram and 50x 1 gram, among other things, and allow you to trade easily per gram of gold. Each gold gram of 1 gram has a print with the logo of the producer, the weight and the content of gold.

25x 1 gram gold bar Pamp Suisse Nieuw

25x 1 gram gold bar Pamp Suisse

Price: €1,467.00 each

4 weeks delivery time